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Top Neuroscientist 

Share a DIY Solution: Silence Ringing Ears and Enhance Memory

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With 50 million people suffering from the unbearable sounds of tinnitus, scientists have recently broken ground on some life changing discoveries that have left the medical industry in awe.

Experts from the University of Konstanz have uncovered that chronic tinnitus and ringing has absolutely nothing to do with your ears but actually damaged neurological pathways in the brain.

They realized that the buzzing sounds come from disconnected synapses that misinterpret brain signals. The researchers were surprised at first and then deeply concerned as they understood if left untreated these brain cells would shrink which could cause loss of cognitive function and overall mental decline.

These findings sent shockwaves across the medical industry and led ENT Specialists to reveal a 7-second Nighttime routine. When done properly this triggers a 5 stage process that repairs damaged brain cells and can slash ear noises, or tinnitus, by up to 96%.

But this 7-second method may finally help shut off that cringing sound that’s been ruining your life and may help you feel completely normal again.

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